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Our Services

Clear Concise provides for the development, delivery and management of technical information. This includes technical writing services and the preparation of business management documentation and training material for corporate, government and small business clients. Our work is performed to exacting standards by experienced professional technical writers.

With organizations constantly looking for ways to improve and manage information, documentation has become an art form in the world of technology. Successful project managers realize that high-quality documentation using clear, precise language is vital for both staff and customers. It lowers support costs, makes maintenance easier, and assists in the sale of the next project or upgrade.

Document & Information Types

Working within your existing documentation or creating new material, Clear Concise can provide for the development, delivery and management of your documents and technical information. Our experience includes:

 >  Technical Documentation
  • installation guides

  • software specifications

  • release notes

  • programmer guides

  • technical specifications

  • user guides

 >  Business Documentation
  • administrative guides

  • policy manuals

  • document copywriting

  • disaster recovery

  • procedure manuals

  • proposals

  • business cases

 >  Training Material
  • online help

  • instructional design

  • training materials

  • web site content

  • tip sheets


Subject Matter

We can skillfully handle a range of general and specialized subject areas including:

  • information technology, IT

  • provincial government

  • municipal government

  • computer services

  • computer software

  • computer hardware

  • engineering, manufacturing

  • medicine, health care

  • pharmaceutical, chemicals

  • food, agriculture

  • insurance, banking

  • telecommunications

  • financial, accounting

  • oil & gas, mining

  • e-commerce, retail

  • education, training

  • transportation, automotive

  • sales, marketing

  • construction, architecture

Rates & Pricing

Clear Concise strives to provide its clients with their greatest technical writing value. Our pricing is reasonable and highly competitive, and varies according to the degree of specialization and difficulty of the material. A firm quotation can be provided once we have reviewed the specific material, size, special requirements and other particulars of a project.

To obtain a price estimate for your project, contact us today. We will be happy to discuss your project, provide advice and answer any questions.

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